New Year’s Day 2017

And so it begins…a new year, a new day and hopefully a much more promising 12 months ahead. Most people bring in the new year with a lot of drinking, dancing, cheering and of course fireworks. What would a New Year’s celebration be without fireworks? Well yes I had a couple of drinks of course (not my usual style but…yes I consumed two alcoholic beverages) and there were fireworks, but aside from that we decided to do something different this year…so we packed up the ute and went camping for the long weekend. It has been a relaxed couple of days at our camp site of choice, but it has been so bloody hot. I swear today I could have fried and egg on my forehead. After a rather uneventful New Year Day (mostly spent reading and drinking Diet Coke), I was able to capture this beautiful pic of the…let’s say “sunset”….Happy New Year everyone!

Stay awesome 😉

The Girl in the Green Shoes


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