…Moonboot and Mulah…

So good news first or bad news?? I say bad news, so that way we can end of a positive note. Well about 3 weeks ago I was casually taking the rubbish out, stepped out of my house onto the one and only step we have, rolled my ankle one way then the other and eventually fell over. I remember hearing a weird noise, lots of tears and an ankle the size of a balloon in a matter of seconds…hence the moonboot. After going up to the hospital that Sunday afternoon, seeing the doctor and getting x-rays, I was told my foot wasn’t broken but had torn two ligaments either side of my ankle. Well the hospital doctor couldn’t have been more wrong…but I’ll save that for later (mostly because I have been writing this blog entry for like a week in like bits and pieces, so hopefully it comes together okay).

Okay so now onto the mulah, like as in money $$$. For some reason three dollar signs reminds me of Hamm in Toy Story, “money money money *kiss* *kiss* *kiss*”, but anyway back to the story. So last post I was getting ready to meet with my boss and ask for a pay rise. As scary and as uncomfortable as I was about doing it, I’m glad I did and even more so that I did it at the right time. I had never really asked for a pay rise sort of out of the blue as such. Most times it was during my yearly performance review or that I already had a letter from Head Office stating my increase, so this was a totally new experience. Anyway, I jotted down some notes and setup a meeting with my boss shortly after my last post. I was as nervous as hell and pretty much told him that I had everything I wanted to say on an A4 piece of paper and that I would just read it through. Thankfully it came out of my mouth better than I had expected and I would like to say it was rather convincing. At the end of the little spiel I gave, my boss sat back and pretty much said he was thinking along the same lines but hadn’t yet got around to it. He said that it was a very well put together proposal and he’d “take two please”. It was far from what I had expected him to say, but nonetheless I was satisfied with how the meeting had gone. He said he would something together and get back to me in a week or so.

This is obviously where the “so I kinda fell out my house” part of the story goes….insert said story here… which brings us back to coming home from the hospital. I was off work for two days as I couldn’t really walk, drive a car or let alone shower by myself (whoever invented “shower steps” should be shot on sight). As I am the kind of person who cannot really sit still and literally do nothing, I went back to work on the Wednesday and went about the rest of the working week quite grumpy given my foot/ankle situation, in pain and getting called playful names like hoppy and hop-a-long from my coworkers. Everyone at work was really nice and helpful, and made me at ease when trying to get back to some level of normalcy.

The start of the following week, I subtly dropped the “have you had a chance to think about the pay rise” to my bossvearly in the week and he said he would meet with me on Wednesday. Wednesday came and here I was sitting in his office accepting the pay rise they offered along with the “catch” (basically KPIs and what I needed to work towards, nothing I was not already unofficially aware of but it was a given from Management that they had to cross all their “t’s” and dot all of their “i’s”) before giving me the pay rise stamp of approval. The pay rise would take effect in the following week’s pay.

So last week came around and I was so glad it was only a three day week, well for me anyway. It was Australia Day on Thursday and I had put in for the Friday off well in advance, thinking we could have gone camping, but my foot/ankle unfortunately had other plans. I ended up going to the doctor on Friday (my doctor) and she said my ankle could still be broken given the swelling hadn’t really subsided and sent me for a CT Scan that afternoon just to be sure. Good news is that it isn’t broken and the hospital doctor misdiagnosed the “torn” ligaments (turns out he was lazy and didn’t send me for all of the proper tests, nor did he give me the right information on what I should/shouldn’t do) and as a result I have mild swelling of my two main ligaments and some soft tissue damage which will heal on its own in time. Thank goodness but it still doesn’t help the fact that its sore, swollen and still very weak and unreliable. My doctor said as long as I keep it elevated with ice, stretch it regularly and strap it up if I’m not wearing the moonboot I should be fine in a few weeks. Still not sure if I want to/can wear a shoe and I definitely cannot drive at least for another week. Although I no longer have to wear the moonboot all the time and hobble around on crutches (thank god! I really cannot use them successfully let alone without being sore/bruised the next day, along with looking like a complete and total idiot swinging my legs around on those things), I am still being extremely careful, as I REALLY do not want to risk breaking my ankle or actually tearing a ligament this time.

I suppose in the end, it was more good news than bad so that’s certainly a plus. I did say I would give some tips about asking for a pay rise so here they are

  • be prepared – list the main points you are trying to get across, what is different from your last pay status to now (be sure to include obviously how hard you work)
  • don’t dwell or overthink, just get on with it – arrange a meeting before hand and go for it, if they don’t say yes, you haven’t really lost anything
  • stay positive in your proposal – don’t state blame, but still identify the downfalls of your situation, along with outcomes or solutions moving forward
  • suggest come sort of plan/goal of how you see the future and perhaps suggest what additional resources or training you may need to get you there
  • if you are still unsure of how to ask for a pay rise, just google it. As my boss says “google is your friend”

Well if you got this far down in the post, thanks for hanging in there. Next time I will try and post something when I think of it, instead of stopping and starting and leading you all astray (here’s hoping anyway)

Stay awesome šŸ˜‰

The Girl in the Green Shoes




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