Welcome to the weekend Fitches!

Not sure how many of you will pick up on what I did with the title but let’s see who does!

Guess what?? I actually got some sleep! Although I didn’t get to sleep straight after my last post, in fact I started to become really awake and my brain switched back on, well after that I finally got some sleep. After my last post, my brain starting to think of all the things I should search for on eBay. I don’t do a lot of online shopping but lately I have wanted to get better deals on things I don’t normally buy (like action camera accessories). So I had a virtual look-around on eBay for atleast an hour, maybe two, before I was able to drift off into oblivion.

As usual I was woken up in the early hours of the morning to take our Labrador for a tour of the yard. I always seem to lose the “no you take her” argument in the middle of the night. Although mind you sometimes I win with bows and ribbons attached. You see our dog sleeps inside in our room on her own bed (well she hardly sleeps in her “own” bed) as where we live (a rural property) there are neighbours dogs on either side, and the occasional fox poking around, or at this time of year the pesky fruit bats that steal all of our mangos, flapping around and sometimes LITERALLY throwing mangos at our iron fence in the middle of the freaking night. With all of this happening, if our beloved dog stayed outside we would not get any sleep at all. She is pretty well trained to let us know if she needs to go in the middle of the night, which is a good thing I guess. I just hate being the one to have to take her nearly every night. But anyway, after the tour of the yard and settling her back into her bed I fell back asleep pretty quickly. 

Then, as usual on a Saturday morning I was woken up by my fiancé with him saying “I think I might go to garage sales”, but atleast this time he got up, got ready, quickly said goodbye and Operation: Sleep-in was in full swing. Although, more sleep would be good I needed to wake up and get going with my Saturday routine of cleaning the house (yay). But did I get out of bed straight away, no. I went through my newsfeed like it’s the Sunday Mail (it’s an Australian Newspaper) and then my WordPress feed. Finally my fiancé (I have to give him a nickname on here, I will think of one and get back to you), arrived home with no garage sale bargains (thank god!) and said if I wanted help cleaning that I needed to get up. This offer doesn’t happen oh too often, so I jumped out of bed, well as jumpy as you can be with a swollen ankle that’s strapped with pharmacy-branded rocktape (the actual branded stuff if like $25 a roll, it’s ridiculous!) and here I am ready to start my weekend…I guess I’ll keep you “posted” with this weekends adventures, however boring they may be.

In the spirit of feedback and constructive criticism, please let me know how I’m going with this blogging thing and maybe even share how your weekend is going, by commenting below or you can email me at the_girl_in_the_green_shoes@yahoo.com 

Have a great weekend everyone (I should come up with some smart nickname for my bloggers, we will see then)

Stay awesome 😉

The Girl in the Green Shoes


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