No more walking via the moon

Guess what?? I no longer need to wear a moonboot! Yay! I am so excited. Having to wear that heavy brace for the last month has been so exhausting, not to mention really hot and uncomfortable. Of all the times of year I have to injure myself and require a moonboot I have to do it in the hottest summer ever!


Photo: This was yesterday (Sunday) when I was able to actually wear a shoe. A real shoe! Not a thong (like as in flip flops you people!) or a croc (like a rubber clog thing, they are ridiculous looking but comfortable).

Yeah I know what you are going to say…what happened to the green shoes? Well I still have them (they are my favourite pair, if you didn’t notice) but I opted out for my yellow pair yesterday. If you can see from the photo, I had to loosen my right shoe so much so I could actually maneuver my foot/ankle into the shoe, but I did it.

After the adventure of putting my shoe on, I jumped in the driver’s seat for the first time in a month and took the beast for a spin! It’s really weird not driving a car for a month, especially when I have been sitting in the passenger seat for so long, but I managed to drive almost normally, despite my stiff, swollen and tender foot/ankle. Today (Monday) was the first day of work wearing normal shoes, without a moonboot and crutches. I do have to strap up my foot for support, but today actually wasn’t too bad getting back into my normal routine.

Photos: Strapping of my ankle. Had to watch alot of youtube videos to figure out the best way but there you have it

I still have a long way to go until I can go ten pin bowling again or even move around without thinking about it, but at least I am getting somewhere. Its still pretty swollen and bruised but I am glad I didn’t break it or actually permanently damage any ligaments/tendons.

Stay awesome 😉

The Girl in the Green Shoes


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