Why, why, why am I doing this to myself…

…because it makes me happy. Because it makes me feel something real. Because once you get that feeling (Thanks Justin Timberlake!) it becomes addictive and you will do what you can just to keep on feeling it. So what on earth am I talking about? 

Sleep deprivation of course! I have been so stuck on reading at night that before I know it is 11:30pm and then wake up, at what feels like only an hour later. Here I am eating my breakfast with a large glass of Berroca (2 tablets for good measure) just so I can get through the day without falling asleep at the keyboard or re-rolling my ankle.

I hope to get through this day as fast as possible so I can come home and have a nap before dinner. I have made a promise to myself (so we will see how that goes) to stop reading when my bedtime alarm goes off at 9:30pm. Yes I am one of those people with multiple alarms throughout the morning and night. If I didn’t I would end up being in a state of constant proscrastination.

I am even procrastinating now…blogging instead of finishing my breakfast and the Berroca and heading for the shower so I’m not late for work. All because of this feeling I get when I do something I enjoy, love even…read.

Well I’d seriously better get my ass into gear and go get ready for work. Gotta blaze Greenies (what do you think of my new follower name?? If you think it’s crap please suggest a better one in the comments 🙂

Stay awesome 

The Girl in the Green Shoes 😉


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