Random Thought of the Day: Procrastination

Just a random thought (of many I had today) that decided to present itself into my “pretty” little head…procrastination. The thought actually came in my routine…umm…trip to the loo this morning…as you do (for all that say ‘eewww’ it’s all a la natural and I hope you do it too).

Anyways, this morning I was catching up on some reading before I got ready for work and I had this thought as my alarm for 7am went off on my phone. I thought why do I have all of these alarms everyday? Nine in the morning and four at night. The answers is purely proscrastination.

I am one of those semi organised people (mostly) who loves routine, processes and essentially getting from Point A to Point B in the most efficient and effective way possible. But there is a flaw in my logic (like any great logic), I have a tendency to procrastinate. Hence the excessive setting of alarms. Also the fact that I heard somewhere that highly intelligent people (not boasting but I would like to think higher than your average Jane) tend you zone out when their brain has been active for an extensive period of time, which would agree with me that I cannot usually think before or after work, just during work.

A second thought occurred to me shortly after the first thought (which was actually an answer, followed by the question this time); procrastination, that’s why we not only have alarms on our phones, we also have countdown timers. Ha ha genius I thought. Obviously I set a countdown timer for another 15 minutes so I could enjoy my beloved FanFiction a little longer.

Starting an finishing your day with something that puts a smile on your face, makes you feel good and relaxes you is always the best way. And that my friends is my short Random Thought of the day.

Stay Awesome 😉

The Girl in the Green Shoes


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