Return of the Avid Bowler

Tonight is the first night since the return of the bowling season  🎳 that I have actually been able to make because of my ankle. Remember the “when I fell out my house and hurt my ankle” story??

I’m not bowling too badly. Better than last year I think. I started really good last season and then got worse, but I love it so it doesn’t really matter.

The thing about bowling is every ball you bowl is different. You may have technique but the game is unpredictable; it’s what makes it exciting.

I bowl in a league once a week on a Monday night. I bowl with a whole bunch of different people. Different backgrounds. Different ages, shapes and sizes. A few people have dropped out so it leaves me the youngest at 27 and oldest is around 80-something. 

I love bowling. I love the feeling when you get up to bowl. I love the sound the pins make when the ball crashes through them. Sometimes I close my eyes and just listen. The music is pretty good too!

Some people have a style of bowling. Some spin. Some twist. Some people literally throw the ball halfway done the lane and you think the wooden lane will split in two. Some people bowl like butter; I particularly admire these people. When the ball is bowled so damn smooth it’s like they are spreading melted butter on toast. I find it fascinating. Me?? I am what you call a straight bowler. My arm doesn’t turn and if I get the angle right I (usually) hit what pin I want. I don’t use boards or markers for aim; I bowl by feel. If I feel good I bowl good. If I feel crap or tired it certainly shows at the end of the night.

I am in no way a professional or even amateur bowler. My average used to be 77 and now it’s 87. Tonight I bowled a 92, 115, 94; over average so a good night. When I started I was bowling an average of 120/130. My highest was 147.

Like I said I do it because I enjoy it, it makes me happy and gets me out of the house once a week. The people are friendly and you can learn a lot from them; especially those who have bowled for over 50 years!

Do you bowl or do something that makes you feel the way I do? If so, I’d love to hear from you and your stories 😊

Please comment below or email me

Stay Awesome 😉

The Girl in the Green Shoes

Cross bowling on Lanes 1 & 2


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