The day I have had (and it’s only lunch time)…and what I am feeling today is…indescribable.

Do you ever get the feeling (or lack thereof) that you know what it is but really you don’t? Cryptic I know, but it’s all the same. How can you describe a feeling that is many feelings rolled into one big…(insert expletives here)!

Well this is how I feel, so if you can describe it or label it go ahead…I would be very interested to know.

Angry, upset, sad, broken, under appreciated, frustrated, irritated, confused, blazé, tired, awake (insert more if you like) and strangely…calm. I’m not sure if I need a hug, a long sleep, a holiday, strong vodka or to punch someone in the face! WHAT THE HELL AM I FEELING?!

Whatever it is I just want the day to be over…well week actually…and to my disappointment it’s only Tuesday!

That is why I am here; quiet, breezy coffee shop with my Soy Hot Chocolate and some choc chip muffin (wouldn’t surprise me if it’s raw or organic or something, but it tastes pretty darn good). I need an escape from…that place. Even if it’s for only another half an hour that’s left in my lunch break…I need it.

So how do you feel all of these things all at once and not feel like exploding all of the painted walls? I have no clue, all I am trying to do is survive, stay calm and remain impartial, because that is the only way in hell that I am going to get through this day. Oh! And the fact o have a boxing bag at home…

Stay awesome 😉

The Girl in the Green Shoes


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